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Alien Merchandise

Looking at our officially licensed Alien merchandise it’s hard to believe that Alien was first released in 1979. This cult movie and its sequel Aliens still hold up today amongst its modern sci-fi counterparts. (Although we should probably brush over the other films in this franchise!)

Returning to Earth on the Nostromo the crew are awakened from deep sleep to investigate a distress signal. On entering the alien ship the crew soon encounter a room of eggs. From which the now famous “face hugger” aliens emerge. The short lived face huggers implant another organism into a host (in this case a crew member). Which erupts out of the hosts chest as a baby Xenomorph. With its exoskeleton and double jaw these primal fighters are a dangerous Alien to stumble across unprepared.

Follow Ripley and crew into space to fight the Alien Xenomorphs with this selection of Alien merchandise inspired by the Aliens movie franchise. Check out the face hugger Alien T shirt featuring 20th Century Fox's Alien