Alice in Wonderland

Our Alice in Wonderland merchandise feature the characters from the classic Disney 1951 animated film. Disney took inspiration from the Lewis Carrol books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1856) and Through the Looking Glass (1871). And it is still as popular as ever with a further Alice in Wonderland feature length movie released in 2010. Our Alice in Wonderland Merchandise takes images from the 1951 animated film and applies them to T-shirts, bags and other Alice in Wonderland accessories.

If you’re curiouser and curiouser follow Alice as she chases the clothed and time obsessed white rabbit into Wonderland. Follow the instructions to “Drink Me” and “Eat Me” (although this isn’t always advisable as Alice found out to her cost! And I wouldn’t eat mushrooms from a blue caterpillar either come to think of it). Shrink and grow. Swim in a sea of tears. Run nowhere in the Caucus Race. Meet the Duchess before heading off for tea. But don’t forget the Queen of Heart croquet match or it will be “Off with your head”.

Our Alice in Wonderland merchandise features a number of characters from the Disney animated classic. Choose from Alice herself and the vanishing Cheshire Cat’s smile. So why not follow the white Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into adventure with our selection of officially licensed Alice in Wonderland merchandise. Put on your best Alice in Wonderland clothing for tea with the Mad Hatter. Pull on your matching Alice in Wonderland Accessories for an audience with the Queen of Hearts. And set off on your own adventure. Or if it's not you who is the Alice fan check out our range of Alice in Wonderland Gifts and put a Cheshire Cat smile on someone specials face.

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