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Bing Bunny

Based on the Bing Bunny book series the programme first aired in 2014 on the CBeebies channel. Our Bing Bunny merchandise follows Bing Bunny and flop on a series of adventures and bedtime routines with Hoppity Voosh.

Bing is a 3 year old Bunny who each episode replicates an event that is experienced by many toddlers. Guided by Flop, Bing Bunny’s carer, events take place in their home, local surroundings or the creche run by Amma. Bing Bunny is often joined by best friends Sula and Pando, Padget (Pando’s carer) and Bings cousins Coco and Charlie.

As well as Bing Bunny merchandise we have a number of number of designs featuring CBeebies characters that make up our BBC range of merchandise.