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Cruella Merch

Our Cruella Merchandise spans the decades, from images of Cruella De Vil the notorious Disney villain who first appeared in the 1961 animated film 101 Dalmatians, through to designs inspired by the 2021 Cruella movie which gives us a fresh take on a classic villain.

In the original 60’s version Cruella is known for her extravagant fashion sense and her obsession with fur, particularly the fur of Dalmatian puppies. In the film, Cruella kidnaps the puppies with the intention of turning them into a fur coat, but is ultimately thwarted by the heroic efforts of the puppies and their owners. The live-action prequel film titled Cruella, xplores the character's backstory and how she became the infamous villain we know today. The film stars Emma Stone as a young Cruella, who is portrayed as a talented and ambitious fashion designer with a troubled past. As she rises to fame in the London fashion scene, she becomes obsessed with getting revenge on her rival, the Baroness, and begins to embrace her darker side.

Cruella is one of our favourite Disney Villains and our range of Cruella Merchandise has something for every fan. Disney’s Cruella is slightly different to other villains in that she is the antagonist, not to a Princess, but to the Disney Animals from 101 Dalmatians.