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Frozen Merch

Although not officially part of the Disney Princess family because Frozen has been given it’s own franchise, we include our Frozen merchandise because Anna and Elsa meet the requirements of a Disney Princess. Both are born Princesses, but also meet the personality requirements as well. Elsa is the older sister and has the power to control ice and snow. She is initially portrayed as fearful and isolated due to her powers, but she eventually learns to embrace them and use them for good. Anna is the younger sister and is known for her spunky personality and determination.

The Frozen movies are a popular Disney franchise that tells the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who live in the kingdom of Arendelle. The first movie, released in 2013, follows Anna as she embarks on a journey to find her sister, who has inadvertently plunged the kingdom into an eternal winter due to her uncontrollable powers. Along the way, Anna is joined by Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the lovable snowman Olaf, as they navigate treacherous mountains and battle the elements to save Arendelle from Elsa's powers.

Our Frozen merchandise features images of the sisters together and with other members of the cast. Overall, the Frozen movies are beloved for their heartwarming story, catchy songs, and memorable characters, which is reflected in the images used on our Frozen Merchandise. Disney’s Frozen is not usually depicted in the same image as other Disney Princesses but still provides a range of Frozen merchandise that any fan will love.