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Hedwig Merchandise

Since they first met in the pet shop in Diagon Alley Hedwig has featured heavily in the Harry Potter series, and we have a fun range of Hedwig merchandise for any fan. The loyal pet and companion of Harry Potter, accompanying him throughout his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hedwig is known for her intelligence, grace, and beauty, and is fiercely protective of Harry. She often delivers important messages to him and his friends, and plays a crucial role in their adventures throughout the series.

Hedwig's role in the series is not just as a pet, but also as a symbol of Harry's connection to the wizarding world. She represents the magic and wonder of the wizarding world, and serves as a reminder to Harry of the importance of his identity as a wizard. Tragically, Hedwig meets her untimely demise in the act of protecting Harry from a Voldemort attack. And we personally feel Hedwig left the series far too early.

If you are a fan of Hedwig we have a range of Hedwig merchandise for you. Wait for Hedwig to deliver your letter from Hogwarts or just enjoy images of the snowy owl. Or why not check out our wider Harry Potter range and see if Hedwig appears with any other famous Harry Potter characters.