Teletubbies Merch

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Teletubbies Merch

The ever-popular Teletubbies form part of our CBeebies clothing range. And you can check out our Teletubbies merchandise below.

Created for the BBC the Teletubbies first aired in 1997 and ran until 2001 before becoming one of the first episodes to air on the newly formed CBeebies channel in 2002. Repeats of the series were shown around the world and a new series was produced and aired in 2015. The Teletubbies became a firm favourite of toddlers and pre-schoolers, with our Teletubbies merchandise perfect for any fan.

The Teletubbies include Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po and gained their collective Teletubbies name from the TV screen located on their stomach. Each Teletubbies distinctive antenna and bright individual colour easily distinguished the characters from each other during their adventures. As well as the Teletubbies merchandise we have a collection of BBCs channel CBeebies clothing where you can find your little ones favourite.